Nature-based solutions to facilitate the transitions for living within the planetary boundaries
27 June - 1 July 2022
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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AN: Nature based solutions for agriculture and natural areas (soil, water and landscape)

NH: Nature based solutions for natural hazards (fire, floods and droughts)

SB: Science brokers for transitioning to a climate resilient and circular society

UR: Nature based solutions for land and water management in urban and industrial areas (soil, water and spatial planning)

Mission statement

Our Planet suffers from human activities. Scientists know more and more about our environment, about processes, rates of change, new threats and risks. However, the challenges seem to grow quicker than the solutions that can be created. To find the right, feasible and viable solutions to make the transition towards a society that stays within the planetary boundaries, it is needed that scientists, policy makers and to join forces with industry.

This conference aims to focus on finding solutions for the societal issues of our time. TERRAenVISION promotes to exchange scientific research, solutions from industry and insights from policy for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders that have the same goal, work on the same societal issue, but have different backgrounds. By bringing the people and their knowledge together, we may be able to take the steps towards solutions that can bring our society to a more sustainable situation. In this conference, we want to link to International policies such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Climate conventions, the Green Deal, COP and CAP.

This conference is framed around themes which are connected to the big transitions of our time. Each theme is kicked off by two plenary keynote speeches of 20 min, followed by a discussion. After the plenary session, a range of different parallel sessions will be organised.

We want to stress that this conference is not only for scientists, but also for those people from outside the scientific world working on transitions towards climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable cities and agriculture and a circular economy with a focus on the sustainable use and management of the natural system.

Keynote speakers

Esther Blom

Co-director, Stichting Ark

Drs. H.Th.M. (Hein) Pieper

Dijkgraaf of Waterschap Rijn en IJssel

Annette Schneegans

Senior Expert, DG for Agriculture and Rural Development

Lilian van den Aarsen

Director, Central Office of the National Delta Programme Commisioner

Nicola Di Virgilio

Policy Analyst, DG Agriculture and Rural Development

Willem H. Ferwerda

CEO Commonland Foundation

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann

Chair of Land Policy and Land Management, School of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University

Dr. Marco Roos

Assistant Professor, Leiden University Medical Center

Organizing committee

Ruud Schotting

Sultan Qaboos Professor of Quantitative Water Management Chair of the Environmental Hydrogeology Group Department of Earth Sciences Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University

Wouter Gevaerts

Director Environmental restoration EMU Region at Arcadis

Gerben Mol

Senior Researcher, AMS, and Wageningen Environmental Research

Margot de Cleen

Senior Advisor, Soil and Water Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

Saskia Keesstra

Senior researcher, Wageningen Environmental Research, Netherlands, Conjoint Associate Professor, University of Newcastle, Australia

Co Molenaar

Senior Advisor, Soil and Water Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, The Netherlands

Ioannis Daliakopoulos

Assistant Professor, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Greece

Carla Sofia Ferreira

Researcher, Stockholm University, Sweden

Scientific & Societal Committee


Campus Utrecht University, Educatorium Building, Uithof, Utrecht

The Conference will be organised in Utrecht, at Campus Utrecht University, Educatorium Building, Uithof, Leuvenlaan 19, 3584 CE Utrecht

For more information about accessing the Venue, please visit: https://www.uu.nl/en/educatorium