Excursions 2022

June 27 Excursion

Nature based City walk with icebreaker

Start at central station at 16.00

Visit to DomUnder

Tour around the historical centre of Utrecht where NBS are used

18.00: Icebreaker at ‘De Rechtbank’ (Korte Nieuwstraat 14, Utrecht)

June 30 Excursion

NBS in sustainable land management, flood management and circular climate resilient farming

To fulfil the societal challenges we need 3 to 6 times the land surface of the Netherlands. Sustainable multiple use of soil and land is needed. The excursion shows this in the Soil4U project in practice. Also examples will be shown where combinations of climate adaptation, improvement of biodiversity and the spatial quality are realized. 

9.00 – 9.30          Arrival and welcome at Grootstal Estate,

9.30 – 10.00       ‘Multi-purpose is the new effective’ Introduction to the Estate Model ‘Soil4U’;
Presentation by Kien van Hövell

10.00-10.30        Introduction on Climate Farmers for Climate by Anne van Leeuwen

10.30- 12.00      Tour on the estate/Farmers for Climate

12.00-13.00        Sustainable Lunch

13.00-13.20        Introduction on Room for the River by RWS

13.20-13.40        Introduction Blue Green Deal Water Authority Rijn and IJssel (tbc Waterschap Rivierenland)

13.40 – 14.15     Transport to the ‘Waalsprong’ part of the project Room for the River (tbc Gem. Nijmegen)

14.15 – 15.00     Tour ‘Waalsprong’ bypass River Waal

15.00 – 15.30     Departure Ooijpolder

15.50                    Tour Nature development and conservation Ooijpolder (tbc ViaNatura)

17.00                    Back to Utrecht

July 1 Excursion

Urban small scale Nature-based solutions Utrecht (morning) and peatland in Holland (afternoon)


Fieldtrip Urban small scale Nature-based solutions Utrecht

Utrecht was one of the first municipalities to implement NBS such as bio swales, green roofs, sub surface infiltration and constructed wetlands. On this fieldtrip we will visit some ‘vintage NBS’ that are implemented more than 15 years ago when Leidse Rijn (west of Utrecht) was built. We will discuss the design, construction and maintenance needed for their long term efficiency. We will do this fieldtrip the Dutch way, so make sure you know how to ride a bike with a sandwich of cheese in one hand. 


Peatland management in Holland

The western part of the Netherlands has iconic Dutch landscapes with meadows with cows and sheep and windmills. But the soil beneath this landscape is mainly peat. Which has been oxidating and subsiding since it was drained from being a low land swamp/peat bog.

In this afternoon excursion by bus we will visit the municipality of Gouda to discuss possible future ways to manage the Dutch peatlands with key scientist dr. Gilles Erkens and local stakeholders.