How to get there

From Airport to Valencia city centre: 


Airport (Manises) to/from Valencia city:

  • Option 1. Take a taxi. Taxi is available at the door of the airport. Check fares in the link below. With “normal luggage” you will reach quite any point of Valencia approximately by 20 Euro. Credit cards are welcome at taxi.
  • Option 2. Take metro. Metro station is accessed from inside the airport building. Tickets are purchased at the entry.
  • Option 3. Take yellow bus. Low frequency. Check timetable into the link below




In Valencia city:


Option 1. Use EMT buses (red buses).

  • We recommend to buy a BONOBUS of 10 rounds, in kiosks or tobacco shops. Single tickets can be purchased into the bus, by cash or using credit cards.
  • The stop of the venue “Facultad de Geografía e Historia” is the number 166. Buses nº 12, 30, 31, 71, C2 and 81 stop just at the door of the Facultad.
  • At every bus stop there is an informative panel, indicating the time delay until next bus. Also a QR code can be scanned and will return a link, that if followed, will give the same information about next bus arrivals.
  • You can move IN ONE DIRECTION combining several buses without paying additional tickets (anyway ticket validation is needed at every entry in a new bus, but there will be no additional charge). This is valid within one hour moving.
  • You can reach the beach easily by bus (or metro+tramway)


Option 2. Use metro (underground). 


Option 3: bike

Rent a bike or an electric vehicle. Many places offer rental of bikes or electric scooters (they ask for passport or ID deposit).

With Google Maps or similar you can make guided tourism.


Option 4. WALK!

Valencia is pleasant, distances are not long, you will enjoy! The Facultad’s neighbourhoods are nice.



Useful links to get around